How to keep you doggie clean and hygienic

How to keep you doggie clean and hygienic

How to keep you doggie clean and hygienic

We know you love your pooch, but let’s face it, we go downhill ‘Quick’ when is comes to their hygiene. No need to get frazzled- just follow these simple tips!

Bathing your dog

Veterinarians recommend for dogs to be bathed once every three months. Frequent washing can irritate the skin, causing the skin to flake and the coat to become duller. Unless you have a ‘roller’ in which case you can bathe them more often

Brushing your dog’s teeth

You wont believe this – but its suggested to brush your dogs teeth daily! YES daily! Periodontal disease is common and dangerous. Veterinarians suggest a toothbrush designed for dogs but you can use your fingers. However, make sure you start training your dog on teeth brushing when they’re young.

Cleaning your dog’s bed

Since your taking the time and all that effort to bathe your furry friend- why waste it- clean their bed as well. I assure you its filled with germs and parabens along with ticks and dirt and some cases. Vacuum once a week as well!

Cleaning your dog’s toys

This gets really simple – its suggested to take half water and half vinegar and soak all the toys for atlest 30 min. Disinfectants and spray maybe harmful to your pet’s health.

Cleaning your dog’s paws

Pesticides, pollens, moulds, dust mites, and other pollutants- basically anything your pooch steps on. Once a month with the bathe – its suggested that you rub down the paws as well. They will thank you- as it will be less of an irritant for them.

Cleaning your dog’s leash

Simple - toss it in the washing machine with some pet-friendly detergent. A quick way to also clean a collar is to soak it in a bowl of a hot water and dog shampoo. Do a final rinse with cold water and you’re good to go!