Toilet training your puppy?

Toilet training your puppy?

Toilet training your puppy?

A puppy is cute but their “accidents” are definitely are not. To avoid having regular accidents, dog start their toilet training early on itself. Here a few tips on how you can go about it.

Make sure they get regular toilet breaks

Puppies have a smaller bladder than their grown-up counterparts. And of course, their bladder control is non-existent. To avoid accidents, let them out regularly. The more often they get to do their business outside, the more they understand that outdoor is the right place to pee or poop.

Build a routine as this makes it easier for you and your puppy as they are quick learners. Here are some situations for toilet breaks.

1.Post meal – Puppies tend to pee and poop after a meal
2.Post nap – take them out as soon as your puppy wakes up
3.Circle time – when you see your puppy running around in circles, it’s time to go out.

It might take you and the puppy some time to get the hang of this. If an accident happens indoors, soak it up with a newspaper or tissue and leave the paper outside (u can also leave it in the bathroom or balcony) and take the puppy there for the next toilet break… the smell will prompt him/her to go there. Try to take the puppy to the same spot every time.

Rewarding helps

Its very important to communicate with your puppy when they do things right or wrong. When they do the job right, you can reward them with happy words like ‘good dog’ or ‘good puppy’ and probably give them a treat. When an accident happens, you can lower your excitement and use words like ‘NO’ or ‘bad dog’ with no rewards. They soon pick up the signs and start working towards doing the right thing!

Do's and Don’ts in Potty Training Your Puppy

Spend more time with them outside, this will help reduce indoor accidents.

Don’t punish your puppy for having an accident, it builds fear in them. Puppies are not capable of associating your anger with the accident.

If you catch your puppy doing the act then say ‘Nooo’ with a slightly raised tone or clap your hands and say no. Immediately take him/her out and start praising them the second they do their business.

Clean up indoor accident areas with products that remove the smell so they are not tempted to pee there again. There are a lot of safe and friendly products in the market that you can use.

Be patient, its not the end of the world!

Patience is a virtue here. There are going to be multiple accidents before they get it right. Stick to your routine and encourage you puppy to go outside. Don’t break the pattern the second they get it right... Consistency is key.