Interpreting your dog’s body language

Interpreting your dog’s body language

Interpreting your dog’s body language

We see our dogs do multiple cute, innocent or naughty actions every day. Sometimes we wonder what any of those actions mean…are they trying to communicate with us? If you send enough time with your dog you should be able to identify these basic actions.

Below are a few body languages your dog would use.

A Relaxed Dog

When you find your dog’s ears up, head held high, tongue slightly exposed and tail down it means your dog does not feel threatened and is comfortable in his environment.

An Alert Dog

If your dog’s ears are forward, eyes wide open, and tail horizontal it means they are trying to identify a new situation to determine if there is any imminent threat.

A Dominant Dog

When you dog is trying to establish his dominance, you will find his tail raised and bristled, ears forward, lips curled, teeth showing and his body slightly leaning forward.

A Fearful Dog

This is a situation no dog should ever be in. However the signals to identify if they are ears back, pupils dilated, nose wrinkled, teeth slightly showing, tail tucked and hackles raised.

A Playful Dog

This scenario is one of the best for your pooch. Here you will find his tail up and broadly waving, ears up, mouth open with the tongue lolling and bent front paws. Remember they will hold this pose for a moment before taking off at break-neck speed.

Of course the points made here are only with regard to their body language. These may be accompanied by barks or whines depending on the scenario.